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I'm Marvin. I'm a musician that occasionally blogs random shit on Tumblr. I am a human being though which means I actually do write things about my life too. So that's a point in favour of you following me. Oh and also I'm Justin Bieber.



I’ve finally finished this and proud to present to you the music of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ in the style of progressive rock! Took me a while but it was worth the effort!

So I’ll get this out of the way, not the best Disney movie. Quite overrated you could say but it definitely does deliever in the music department as most Disney movies do! The more and more I got the soundtrack in my head, the more ideas that bounced around in my head of ways to manipulate the rhythms and melodies that I just had to formulate them into one huge medley!

Had fun experiementing with certain parts. I’m perticularly fond of ‘Let It Go’ in this because of the delay I use for the beginning rhythm guitar parts. The drum beat used in the verses of ‘For the First Time In Forever’ was kinda emulating a sick beat I heard used in ‘Strawberry Swisher Pt. III’ by Dance Gavin Dance (although the original is in compound time and this is in standard). Also tried to replicate tones to represent the different ages of Anna in the first song. Right at the beginning, rolling down the tone when she sings “It doesn’t have to be a snowman!” was a nice touch!

Also also got a tripod for my iPhone 5! I thought it was gonna be bigger than it was but it’s still good. Still messing around with what kinda angles work best. Wanted to get my beaut of a pedal in one of my videos for the first time! And doubely also, this is the first time I recorded the track itself without filming simultaneously. It does make the whole process less stressful but personally might not be the best when trying to get it perfect when playing it for the camera to match what I recorded.

Overrall I’m really happy with this! I wanted to do more songs but it didn’t want to pile on more work for myself for my first endevour like this. I really wanted this to be over 20 minutes long! haha anyways I hope you enjoy this piece and look forward to more video game music covers soon! :D  


This game is so good! #cardsagainsthumanity #boardgames #drinkinggames

This game is so good! #cardsagainsthumanity #boardgames #drinkinggames

Jamming a bit to ‘Wolves’ by Crystalyne #crystalyne #wolves #telecaster #guitarsolo #guitar #poppunk #music





This is the sickest shit I’ve ever seen

This is so important.  Know your elements before getting tatted.  And if you are tatted you better have this shit memorized.

tattoos are hot.

besides that puppy video i just watched, this is my favorite thing on the internet currently.

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this could be us but u playin


this could be us but u playin

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